Welcome to the CHIJ-Singapore sisters' website. 

May you find inspiration, hope and courage in our history and above all in our spirituality.  



IJ Sisters Worldwide

We are an international group of Catholic women Religious serving in 16 countries. We desire to centre ourselves in God, who is constantly creating and recreating all that lives. We are called to choose life: - giving shape to our vision "as clay in the potter's hands."


IJ Sisters in Singapore


In Singapore, our Sisters live in 8 communities in different parts of the island 

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IJ  Enlarged Council

Here is a writeup on the Enlarged Council meeting in Oct 2014.

IJ Provincial Team (Singapore)

Sr Maria Lau is the Provincial with Sr Joan Tay and Sr Jocelyn Kang as Provincial Councillors.

IJ Central Team has a new member (Sr Noreen McGrath)

From Left to right: Sr Noreen, Sr Maria, Sr Marie and Sr Kimiko.                                                            

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The members of the IJ Fraternity commit themselves to deepen their understanding of the Spirituality of Blessed Nicholas Barre which is the inspiration of the Infant Jesus Mission in all its expressions. They celebrate the spirit that has brought them together, has sustained them and informs them in the way they work and live to promote the Kingdom of God. They meet monthly to study the IJ spirit and pray together. 

IJ Fraternity members celebrating Chinese New Year.  

                            What must we do next?  -  Follow the sequence of Lohei with prayer!                                         

Celebrate and choose Life!

The next IJ  Fraternity 
 gathering  is on 27 Jun 2015 at Chestnut Drive. There will be a day of reflection on 7 Aug.


IJ Lay Partners in Mission   

Our Lay Partners in Mission include IJ friends and well-wishers who support our mission locally and abroad. Some work closely with us in the IJ Board of Management of our 11 CHIJ schools, and in the Management Committee of the IJ Homes and Children Centres.